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Government Affairs

Why do Florida’s most sophisticated businesses require the services of a Government Affairs Specialty Group?

Government Affairs Legal ServicesIn every sector of the economy, business is significantly impacted by policies and decisions across all branches of state government and it’s no longer enough for companies to simply react to changes proposed by others. The most effective approach in addressing issues, creating opportunity and protecting your bottom line involves working with decision makers and thought leaders outside of the conventional financial and legal arena to proactively and successfully address the most challenging governmental and community concerns.  Conforming to established regulations or drafting and shepherding legislation requires teaming with practitioners who have deep industry experience and have mastered the complex technical and procedural aspects of the legislative, regulatory and administrative policy making process.

Why Now?

In an age of unprecedented government intervention in private industry, businesses require more than just a clear understanding of the state agencies to which they are accountable to be successful.  They must know how to quickly reach and positively influence the right audience, making it more important than ever to partner with government affairs specialists who have experience in Tallahassee.  Decisions made in the capital affect businesses around the state.   Regardless of your business objectives, collaborating with consultants with extensive government experience and  key relationships developed over time will not only streamline the process while saving time and money, but strategically promoting the right message for your company.

Why Gunster?

Government Affairs FloridaGunster’s knowledgeable team of attorneys and consultants leverages comprehensive legal counseling with a deep proficiency in government relations.  Our team represents clients across a broad range of industries including telecommunications, transportation, energy, natural gas and regulated industries such as gaming, alcohol, and others.  The government affairs group advocates on their behalf to all levels of state government—executive, administrative, legislative and regulatory.   Additionally, Gunster is involved in trade and industry organizations at a leadership level to help shape policies and priorities which are important to our clients.

Gunster has provided legal and business advice to Florida companies for over 85 years and as a result, has developed important and enduring relationships with key players  while gaining a unique understanding of how policies made in the state capital can affect business around Florida.  The Government Affairs group at Gunster brings a wealth of substantive experience in utilities, telecommunications, entertainment, new technologies, health care and land use.

Our Government Affairs practice group is based in Tallahassee, the epicenter of government affairs in Florida, where they are positioned to monitor legislative or regulatory activity as it occurs, as well as work with leaders between sessions when important planning is taking place.  Gunster attorneys make a difference for our clients by providing a consistent and persuasive voice for representation before, during and after decisions at the executive level are made and policies are implemented across state agencies.  The Gunster team knows how to effectively use their access and opportunities to educate decision makers on the business implications of a proposed bill, or the need to modify current legislation.

The Government Affairs team is comprised of professionals with senior-level experience in state agencies and private companies, including a former chairman to Florida’s Public Service Commission, former general counsel to Florida’s largest competitive communications provider, and attorneys from the Attorney General’s office and Department of Environmental Protection.  They spent years assessing clients issues from a legal framework, as well as within a political context, collaborating to provide advocacy, political expertise and the right relationships and access for our clients.   Supporting our Government Affairs group are the resources of a full-service law firm with over 160 attorneys across the state to provide a wide range of legal expertise for our clients.

Practice Focus:

Gunster specializes in providing quality legal, consulting, and lobbying services representing clients across a broad range of areas including:

  • General Consulting
    • Preparing businesses for presentations to state governing bodies
    • Assisting businesses in implementing regulations or policies
    • Legislative and Executive Agency Lobbying
  • Advocacy for:
    • Regulated Utilities
      • Electricity
      • Water
      • Natural Gas
      • Gaming
    • Telecommunications and technology
      • Cable
      • Wireless
      • Competitive Communications
    • Energy
      • “Smart Grid” Technology
      • Natural Gas
      • Water
      • Nuclear Power
      • Renewable and Alternative Energy
    • Sustainable Development
    • Transportation (Public and Private)
    • Project Development and Finance
    • General Public Policy
    • Employment and Business Development


From developing strategies to successful representation, our Government Affairs attorneys, consultants and political analysts provide a full range of services to achieve a client’s objectives.

  • A Florida team which represents clients before the legislature, executive office and regulatory bodies, and is comprised of existing and former regulatory commissioners, regulatory and agency staff, and corporate executives.
  • The government affairs team has extensive experience in the fields of gaming, insurance, healthcare, energy, utilities, telecommunications and natural resources.
  • Our regulatory practice advises clients on interactions with regulatory agencies and obtaining government approvals for projects.


Extensive technical backgrounds in the public and private sector teamed with a practical understanding of the law, our Government Affairs group delivers clients an influential and effective advocate in Tallahassee.  Members of the Group include veteran lobbyists and consultants, as well as a former Commissioner and Chairman to Florida’s Public Service Commission (PSC), a former general counsel to Florida’s largest competitive communications provider, and attorneys from the Attorney General’s office, Department of Environmental Protection and the PSC.

Practice Group Leader:

Lila A. Jaber